I headed a team that created the first crossword solving computer program. It “competed” in the 1999 ACPT and I was in contact with WILLz as a result. I didn't learn of the NPL at that time, though. In 2001, while a researcher at AT&T Labs, I put myself into training to become a published puzzle maker. One day, while at work, I happened upon a copy of the Engima coming out of the printer near my office. Intrigued, I wondered whether it could be that there were opportunities to make puzzles so close to home? After a bit of detective, work, I traced the printout to Xemu, Enigma editor at the time. I went to his office and introduced myself and continue to enjoy meeting the various members of the Krewe I've met since then. (I did end up getting a few puzzles into GAMES and got to do a group event at the ACPT in 2010, so I'm pretty content.)

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I'm a computer scientist and one might say that a “cycle” is the atomic unit of computation. It also rhymes with my first name. That, plus the curly hair, make my feel like the nom is a pretty good fit.


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