D. Ness


Eric —> D. Ness in 1998.

Source: e-mail from D. Ness.

I roomed with Eric and Alf back in 1981 or so. At that time I thought I wasn't interested in the NPL (what a fool I was!), but they did get me involved in Scrabble™. Eric was the Boston Scrabble club champion, and my two other roommates were highly ranked.

Sometime around 1994, Eric and I reestablished contact. It was either because he was interested in our company's product (the company, Dragon Systems, makes speech recognition software), or because I had read an article about him in the Boston Sunday Globe. Anyway, he subsequently recruited me for his MIT Mystery Hunt Team, and later convinced me to attend the Stamford tournament. To add fuel to the fire there, both Treesong and etc. said I should join.

First Issue: Mar 1998




I'll leave the derivation of the nom D. Ness as a puzzle for the reader (Hint: my name in real life is Dean Sturtevant).


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