1994 Games and Montreal convention in 1994 —> Kannik.

Source: Teki, via 1997 convention.




I didn't know that so many people knew (what I thought was) the British connotation of “clueless” - i.e. “ditzy”. Then there was the movie Clueless – and suddenly EVERYBODY knew that connotation. Kannik is one of the 31 words the Innuit have for “snow” - it means snowflake. I thought that was reminiscent of the north, which would remind people of where I'm from. Also, snowflakes are fluffy, so it has some feeling of the dilettante I consider myself at puzzling! Also, every snowflake is reputed to be different, and I am considered an original by many of the people I know!

[In response to a query about her original nom, Clueless:]

No, I chose that nom (Clueless) on the spur of the moment at the Montreal Con, largely because I really FELT clueless at that point. I didn't even know what NI1 and the other dictionary abbreviations referred to then. Now I have a much better idea!

Previous Noms

  • Clueless.


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