I joined the NPL with a gift membership from Hot, but I first learned about the group from The Foole (Hot's son, my sweetie), who taught me to solve flats.




I am really into cows and wanted a nom that reflected that. I was searching the online MW for words starting with MOO, and I came upon MOONCALF, which was perfect for a number of reasons. First, it not only starts with MOO, but contains CALF, a baby cow. Second, it is a sort of diminutive version of Mooncow, and Mooncow Designs is what I plan to call my business when I someday sell my own art. Finally, the word means “a foolish person,” and I wanted a nom that went well with The Foole, my sweetie.

From Mirriam-Webster's online Dictionary:
Pronunciation: 'mün-“kaf, -“k[a']f
Function: noun
: a foolish or absentminded person : SIMPLETON


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