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I was recruited by Kapry Korn, my former sister-in-law, way back in the 1950's. For many years I was active as long as I had Kapry Korn to work with. At the time, we were in California. Eventually moved back to Massachusetts, divorced and lost touch with KK. However, continued to sol with puzzlers , particularly Maniac and even managed to attend a convention that was held in Boston in the early '60's. Over the years, I raised 4 children, had no time for the Enigma, but hoped one day I could resume my participation.

Kapry Korn contacted me after many years, here in Gainesville, Fl. where I have been living for 25 years. Can you imagine after all these years, KK has continued to be active, convinced me that I should take pen in hand and get with the program. Well, it has been 4 years of activity again, but I miss working with Kapry Korn. I really do not enjoy winging it on my own, it is not as much fun. But I work at it when I can. Being a house mom at a fraternity here at UF keeps me busier than when I raised 4 children.

First Issue: May 1955




Way back then, I smoked and drank coffee, hence the nom.

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