I met Will Shortz a few years ago at a puzzle weekend in Mohonk NY, and he introduced me the Games Magazine staff. I became good friends with a number of them, and when, while sitting around the table playing games they couldn't stop talking about the fun they had in San Diego, I knew I had to join, or should I say rejoin. (As getting The Enigma scared me away from staying in the league.) They made it seem like such fun, and told me that solving and understanding The Enigma was only a small part of the league. So, the following year, I attended the Saturday night events, and enjoyed them. I enjoyed them so much that I couldn't wait to attend a whole convention, and off to Montreal I went. Yahoo!!!!!!

So, that is my long and boring saga of how I became a member of the league. I now co-solve with Manx, Pen Gwyn, and Jo the Loiterer and am beginning to enjoy and understand a whole lot more.

First Issue: Jan 1992



My nom came about from my love of sailing, and stands for “I'd Rather Be Sailing”.


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