I was self-recruited. The NPL was having its annual convention in NY (I think), and there was an article about it in Games magazine. And I thought, hmmm…that'd be neat, and gave it no more thought.

Then there was an article in one of the crossword magazines I did about it, and thought, hmmm…that'd be neat, and again, forgot about it.

Then there was an article about it in the local paper (Newsday), and I figured three times was enough of a hint. But there was no information on how to join. So, I called up Games magazine and asked to speak to WILLz. And they put me through (really!!). And he gave me the info on how to join, and I've been a member ever since.

First Issue: Sep 1983



As to my nom, it's pretty straightforward. A boggart is a kind of gremlin, so Bogart would be 'remlin', and K. Bogart is K. remlin. Of course, the first convention I go to, Alf comes up to me and says, “Hi, Kremlin, I'm Pentagon.” As an interesting (subjectively,I know) aside, my original nom was “Growf the Dragon”, a pseudonym I used to answer weekly puzzles in an Ithaca, NY paper when I was in college, originally derived from a drawing by Phil Foglio that I enjoyed copying. I had that nom for about two months before I thought of “Kremlin”.

Other Notes

I went to school with Andrew Greenberg, a computer game designer. Just after I moved down to Tampa, there was a new member, recruited by Hudu, named Andrew Greenberg, with the nom Werdna (which also happened to be the name of the bad guy in Andy's first game, Wizardry). And he lived in Tampa (a mile from where I settled, it turned out). So I wrote him a letter to see if he was the same A.G. from Cornell, and he was, and even though he didn't remember me from Adam at the time (he was a Teaching Assistant in one of my classes), he invited me over to meet his family, and we've been great friends ever since. In fact, I even convinced him to go to law school with me :D (but he was accepted before I was, and hence, has graduated, and gone on to become one heluva great intellectual property lawyer here in Tampa).


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