I became aware of the NPL sometime in the late 1970s, and credit that to Faro's Word Ways. I believe I also noticed references to it in the old GAMES magazine. When I got around to joining, in November, 1981, I instantly fell in love – and kicked myself for not signing up sooner.

I'm not active with Enigma now, but had half a dozen Completes when solving. That got to be too heavy a drain on my time, so I concentrated on composing – especially annies. I hope yet to do more composing, when life is a bit more settled.

First Issue: Dec 1981



“Tweaser” is sort of a hybrid between “T. Wheeler” and “tease,” a favorite pastime, along with tweezerly tweaking and twitting. (I later adopted TimwiT as an online handle and was the proud owner of TIMWIT vanity license plates when I was in VA.)


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