I was recruited by Beo, over brunch. We started talking about crosswords, he suggested I might be interested in “this puzzle group I belong to,” and I was hooked on the idea even before I knew any details.

First Issue: Jun 1999


I recruited Zeugma at a chorus rehearsal; we were waiting for the orchestra to finish rehearsing and I whipped out the Enigma to while away the time. Me: “Do you like word puzzles?” Zeugma (still Katherine, at that point): “Of course I like word puzzles! I'm a linguist!” We have been co-solving before (and during) rehearsals ever since.


My nom is an apt 2nd-letter change of my first name. The “A” could refer to precedence (I'm the first twin). Or maybe it needs punctuation and should be Twin: A, since my twin' s name starts with A. Some of the other things I considered: artist reborn (a transposal of my first and last names); Palestrina or some variation; variations on 3/2 Tuna, a mathematical version of Trina. But I liked the reference to my twin brother, a wordsmith and playwright (although I haven't managed to recruit him… yet…)


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