By Aesop. I know him from his games parties in Boston, which I've been attending since 1994 and which motivated me to start a series of games parties in New Jersey. He invited me to attend the 1997 Con, which I thoroughly enjoyed.



In the weeks before the 1997 Con and the first few days of the Con, I frantically sought a nom. I enlisted the help of Aesop, the yet-unnommed Emanon, my Hexfiles teammates, and other Krewe. We anagrammed my civilian name. We transdeleted, spoonerized, letter banked, curtailed, and beheaded. But all to no avail. Some noms were better than others, but none was good enough. So for the first two days of the 1997 Con, I was “Nom Pending”.

Then Aesop asked me about my name in other languages (I have been given names in English, Hebrew, and Chinese). He applied a common medieval shorthand to my Hebrew name to produce Wrybosh (Rav Yishayahu ben Shmuel). Wrybosh is also a charade of two English words that are somewhat descriptive of me, so it stuck.



Production editor 2002-present, initially with Emanon

Editor of UE3 (Underground Enigma), with G Natural.

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