I learned about the NPL and how to join by looking at the web page. I must have stumbled onto it as a result of my becoming interested in crosswords and cryptic crossword clue writing, so perhaps I should thank Hex and Ucaoimhu.

Joined: Oct 1997


My nom is a magic word from the early interactive Colossal Cave Adventure game. If you say it when the time's not right, then “Nothing happens.” I chose it partly because I liked the idea of a nom beginning with X. It's also an isomorph of WILL I.

You can find out more about the origin of XYZZY, which may have been invented out of thin air or might have been a mnemonic for remembering cross products of vectors, by visiting the Magic Word XYZZY web page.

Pronunciation: ZIZ-ee.

Wiki Contributions

I contributed the following tips to the wiki: Printing the Enigma.

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